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Konsonan Dalam Bahasa Laos

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The Lao alphabet is made up of 33 consonants representing 21 sounds.   These consonants are divided into three groups.
1. Akson Su4uN/High Class Consonants
High Class Consonants
Kh Kh ng ng
s s y y
th th n n
ph ph m m
f f l l
h h v v
2. Akson KaaN/Middle Class Consonants
Middle Class Consonants
k k b b
j j p p
d d y y
t t aw aw
3. Akson Ta#m/Low Class Consonants
Low Class Consonants
kh kh x x
th th ph ph
f f h h
ng ng y y
n n m m
l l l l
v v            
In order to best view this site and its Lao Fonts, you will need to download the Lao New Light, Lao Phonemic, and IPA Fonts then save them in your Windows/Fonts directory.
  1. Exercise 1: Consonants
  2. Exercise 2: Consonants
  3. Exercise 3: Consonants
  4. Lao Consonants: learning consonants and learning how to pronounce each consonant
  5. Pronunciation of Lao Consonants
  6. Prononciation of Lao Vowels
  7. Vowels & Final Consonants: learning to read and write some vowels with consonant ending


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